Biography- Douglas C. Hoover


  • Born in 1947 in Jackson Michigan
  • Spent 3-years in the Navy 3rd class Electricians Mate- Medical Discharge
  • Attained Journeyman Carpenter's Union Local 1 Chicago IL
  • Ass't. Service Manager Carrier Corp, Machinery & Systems Division, Chicago IL.
  • Designed and built the Galleon Restaurant, Hanover Mi. (Manager/Chef 2 yrs.)
  • Became a dealer for Durastill Water Distiller Company, Kansas City (currently active) Durastill.Net
  • Developed Distillation Station- installed 1st bottled water vending machine Bill's IGA, Brooklyn MI 1976
  • Installed Distillation Stations in 5 IGA Groceries and 2-Kroger Grocery Stores- (Distillation
  • Installed Distillation Station in 6 groceries, 5 Great Earth Vitamin Stores
  • Wrote a weekly column called "Let's Talk Health" in The Rancho Bernardo "Sun" newspaper (2 years)
  • The weekly talk show, "Let's Talk Health" with Dr. David Nelson (2 years) 
  • Designed and built the first I chain of Pony Express Pizza Restaurants in Provo. UT
  • Designed and built a private house (4500 sq. ft.) Murray, UT. Featured on Utah's PM Magazine TV Show
  • Designed and built the French Restaurant Bagatelle in LaJolla CA in Shingle Lane; built a waterfall that

       flowed inside & outside the restaurant

  • Designed and built Pizza Joya Bistro in Shingle Lane in LaJolla on Girard Ave.
  • Designed and built Horton Cafe Garden Room 4th & G in Gas Lamp District, San Diego (built 16' waterfall)
  • Built the first Suspension Plus Service Station on Midway Ave in San Diego
  • 1982-2007 designed and built 2000+ waterfalls/ponds and hold record/tallest man-made waterfall, Mt. Soledad, LaJolla CA 136 feet tall. (
  • Work has appeared on the cover of 9 magazines- his own home's water feature in San Diego was featured in Better Homes & Gardens, 2002
  • 2005 one of his projects won the Garden of The Year Award- San Diego Home & Garden and was featured on the front cover, "Water & Fire"
  • 2008 Alice & I sold our house with the backyard tropical resort, donated its contents to Disabled Vets,

       and bought a 40-ft. Winnebago RV, and spent the next 4 years feeding the homeless in San Diego.

  • 2009-2011 Designed websites, Facebook pages, and SEO; produced videos for websites.
  • "Platinum Writer" on with over 115 published articles in 25 niches plus earned

       26 "Achievement Awards" ( C. Hoover)

  • Published two Top Seller books on Amazon/Kindle "Why Bad Things Happen To So-Called "Good People"  Free download at

       & "Distilled Water & Health" ( )

  • Awarded patents for the AquaFill (, Electronic Water Level Controller, The SurvivorStill

       ( and The Green Fire Products (

  • Designed and developed "The Ultimate Training Course" teaching how to digitally design water features.


  • Authored book "Professional Waterfall & Pond Construction Manual" a training guide to designing and building Waterfalls & Ponds,  rebar/concrete construction.
  • GP, CEO of Aquamedia Group Companies, Escondido CA (
  • Licensed Ham Radio Operator (W6ZED) founder of Southern California "Emergency Amateur Radio Response System"


  • Distributor since 1976, 48 years of Durastill Water Distillers (